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Video Scenario Conditioning

Use the videos to address each scenario.  Explain if it’s classical conditioning or operant conditioning and determine the UCS, UCR, NS, CS, and CR for classical and positive, negative reinforcement or punishment for operant.




Video Scenario Conditioning

Voki Analysis

For the students who have been moved through language, cognition, and memory ONLY.

Directions: On a separate sheet of paper, respond to the following people in order.  You can use terminology from language, cognition, and memory.  You must reference each chapter at least twice and you must use at least three terms within each of your responses.  You can use more.  Answer each scenario in order of listed and provide the scenario title before answering.

Dena Raising Child

Bobby Bball

Mitch the Nurse

Christina’s memory

Everyone else will complete their Voki characters today and turn in and then move on to the building blocks of language QR cube activity.

Voki Analysis