College Pennant Activity & Expressions

Follow the directions below to create your college penant.  You will not have much time in class to complete this so make sure you use your time wisely.

College Pennant activity

1. Using the following link, type your college in the “Find a college’s credit policy” box:

on this page you should find what score this school requires on the AP Psychology exam to earn credit. Just as important is to note how many credit hours your will earn for the AP exam.

2. On the same page as you find the AP score for your college, you will also find a link “ view the credit policy on this college’s website.”. Once you get to this website, find how much it costs per credit hour at this school. Sometimes the tuition will show as a lump sum amount.  You will then just divide the lump sum by 15 credit hours to get your cost per hour and then multiply by 3.  If there is a search box on the schools website, use it for this. I suggest typing “tuition and fees” to find this information.  Make sure you look up cost for undergraduate programs opposed to the graduate level.

3. Sometimes the university will give the price of 1 course but more often they list the cost per credit hour. IF that is the case you simply multiply the number of credit hours they give you for AP Psychology, then multiply this number by the $$$ per credit hour. (see example below).

Keep these reminders in mind:

Cost per credit hour: $ ( use this figure is a private school ) Cost per credit hour (in-state): (use this if school in Georgia Cost per credit hour (out-of-state): (use this figure if school is out of state, but not private, such as Florida State, Auburn, Clemson, etc))

1. the University of Canterbury (there is one in New Zealand!) states that they require a “4” to award AP credit in Psychology and that I will earn 3 credit hours based on steps I took on step 1 above (btw this is fictional)

2. step 2 took me to the college website where I learned that New Zealanders are charged the equivalent of $300 per credit hour, but students from outside N.Z. are charge $900 per credit hour. Therefore I will multiply $900(cost per credit hour) x 3(the number of credits hours for AP Psychology credit) and learn that the AP credit in Psychology will save me $2700!!!



Friday we will have Expressions.  Choose anyway to express yourself by singing, dancing, rapping, writing a poem and so on and so forth. Make sure that your work is appropriate but otherwise there is a lot of freedom in this activity.  You will share your college pennant at the time of your expression.

College Pennant Activity & Expressions